There are always some questions you would like to know the answers to before getting in touch, so below I have tried to answer some of them for you. If you your question is still unanswered please do get in touch, I would be happy to answer it.

If I am based locally to you would you consider coming-in in person to assist with some tasks?

If you are based locally I am more than happy to work in person. My services are tailored to every individual client’s needs.

Are you available on the weekends?

My working hours are Monday to Friday 8.30 to 17.30, but as mentioned, in business there are special projects and tasks which need to be done outside these times. My job is to accommodate you and your needs so please get in touch and we will work together for a tailored support service for you and your business.

If I'm based internationally to you will this cause problems?

Like any modern business, I work with multiple clients across multiple time zones and with the use of modern technology we are in constant contact throughout the work day.

How quickly will you be able to start doing work for me?

Once we have had our discovery call so I can understand what assistance you would like, I will then send a contract for you to review and sign when satisfied. After this has been completed and received back, you will be able to pass tasks over to me straight away.